Friday, March 27, 2015

On the road again

I am on a short trip to the red rock country of western Colorado and eastern Utah.  I am spending a couple of days in the Colorado National Monument.  We have driven past the area at least a hundred times on our way somewhere else, without really knowing what it was.   Now I know.  The place is really a monument to the forces of Nature.  Huge canyons, with standing rocks, roads which threaten to drop you into a deep canyon, and fantastic vistas.  My photos cannot possibly show the grandeur of the place.  Clarence and I are camped In The Saddlehorn campground, so named because of a large rock formation resembling a saddle and Saddlehorn.  It is 9:00pm and it is dead quiet!   We are ready for bed.  Lots of photos to be taken tomorrow.

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